Delicious Finger Foods in Jakarta Part 3

Shopping is one of metropolitan people’s activities for buying the things that they need. Usually while shopping, you must be hungry and tired after getting around the mall. However, even if you want to go shopping, you might visit the snack store that will help you in filling up your tummy with the chosen finger foods in Jakarta part 3 that you can feel so hesitate in having the best wash device.

You should find out there are some business cake you can choose from the variety flavors until sizes that you can pick based on what you need. If you want to take such as Finger Foods in Jakartapart 2 will make up being a real and photogenic one:

  1. If you are visiting Aeon mall, don’t forget to visit the 3rd Floor, and you can get perfect taste of various cookies which are sell in HG Cake Bakery. You will find dessert on a stick. You also can try to eat green tea grilled with marshmallow ice cream which can create the chewy gooey sensation while eating this ice cream.
  2. While you are shopping in Puri Indah Mall, you can visit LG Basement because you can find a unique food that is selling in this basement. If you usually see the crusts with n colors on it, buy now you can find the crusts with black colors with bigger size one. You can try the giant crusts with black red velvet taste, black Oreo or other favorite nutella giant crusts.
  3. You are still shopping in Senayan City? Let’s go to the Lower Ground of this mall! It can make you to find out the perfect salad options that you must try while visiting this mall. You can go to Salad Stop for getting any kind of various salad menus. If you want to have finger foods with veggie and healthy dish, this salad menu will be your best choice. Here, you can create your own salad wrap by adding your chosen toppings and dressing that you like most. Thus, you can eat the salad with all of the ingredients that you like most. It would be great for you, if you are a vegan, right?
  4. If you want to go to Pacific Place, you should visit the Lower Ground and find AnutieAnnes that has famous dishes that you can eat while you have been tired and hungry after shopping all day long. In this place, you can buy the hot pretzels with some options that you can choose. If you want to taste the original one, they will serve it. The other options that you can taste are cheesy pretzel dogs, almond cream stix, almond crunch, and the last is nori pretzel. You also should be ready with the new variants for new update taste.

It is all the delicious finger foods in Jakarta part 3 that you can try while visiting the mall you have shopped in. By eating them, it will boost your energy well.

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